Seeking matrimony for sons and daughters has been a challenge that has confronted many Parents not only India but for those who have migrated to the U.S. and Canada in the early sixties, seventies and eighties. Despite the fact that many of us have migrated to North America and other countries around the world, and our children have adapted themselves very much to many vagaries of changes in our society, where we migrated, in terms of food habits, living comforts, customs and practices, keeping-up with our traditions back home, celebrating Hindu festivities, seeking higher education, on-campus living with boys and girls from countries the world over, imbibing western culture unto themselves, there is one thing that has NOT changed, and that is, our children, a majority of them ~ boys and girls raised in the U.S. and abroad, are still predominantly seeking parents' assistance when it comes to matrimony ~ or should I say, we the parents have not let up that "control" on our children in this area, to tell them to bring home their “life partners”. Thus, we the parents continue to serve our sons and daughters in their matrimonial efforts, worried as we are, that they should find and bring home their right "Sweethearts"!

In the Fall of 2009, at the prodding of a few of my local friends, to help assist their sons and daughters in matrimony, I started this initiative with focus and thrust on South Indian Brahmin community. In 2010 and 2011, the momentum grew to where over thousands of South Indian Brahmin parents living all across North America (United States and Canada) registered their sons and daughters with our Initiative, seeking Parental introductions, with our Initiative assisting them. Today we have become a “household name” to four out of five South Indian families living all across North America, seeking matrimony.

Seeing our Initiative grow, extending assistance to Parents of brides and grooms in North America, many parents from India who had sent away their children to U.S. for higher education, were also perplexed in making the right connections ~ as they were groping in dark re: immigration regulations, issues on various visas on which their children came to the U.S., on which they were not able to relocate within the U.S. because of transition from one kind of visa to another, e.g. Student~OPT~H1B or H1B~GC. And as our Initiative began to shed some broad light on many of those issues, many Parents from India began to register and embrace our Initiative.

In the following year 2010, many Parent of Brides and Grooms began to refer to us alliances that did not pan out (work-out) for them, for one reason or another and began giving introductions to parents of other brides and grooms; we thus started growing our Lists of South Indian Brahmin Brides and Grooms, to help all Parents in our Initiative With the lack of availability of enough South Indian Brahmin bridegrooms (U.S. Citizens in particular), for a very large pool of South Indian Brahmin U.S. Citizen brides in the U.S, seeking matrimony, many South Indian Brahmin Parents in the U.S., urged us to expand our data base to include Hindu North Indian community, as well, as they would rather see their children bring home a Hindu groom than from other cultures and religion. So mid-2011, our Initiative began to embrace, into its fold, the larger North Indian Hindu community, living all across North America. So, unlike most South Indian Parents who are registered with our Initiative, the Hindu North Indian brides and grooms, on the other hand, are just leads obtained through our surfing the Internet, a service we started to fold in, to help assist South Indian Parents connect in matrimony with Hindu North Indians. Many of Hindu North Indians, are thus, not registered with our Initiative, although some of them are beginning to see our value and advantage and are embracing our Initiative. Parental contact information in the case of Hindu North Indian brides and grooms seeking, is thus limited ONLY to email ids, in most cases. Nonetheless, Hindu North Indians are truly very active and concerned Parents, seeking matrimony for their wards and hence we have chosen to include them into our Initiative, thereby providing additional introductions to our membership. In many cases, many Parents from our Initiative have also facilitated new introductions of alliances not suitable for them. You too can help us to share with us alliances you received for your wards, but did not pan out for one reason or another ~ introduce them to us thru “Refer a Friend”, link, because an alliance that did not work out for your ward, might be the ones other Members may wish to connect with through our Initiative.

Our initiative also serves those Previously Married, Separated (Legally) and/or otherwise, and those brides living in India seeking to migrate the U.S. and Canada and abroad in Matrimony, as we have found many of the boys living abroad, seeking brides living in India! Because they are unable to connect with Brides from the U.S. Brides and Grooms, Never B4 Married, in our Initiative, are seeking ONLY those who are, like them, Never B4 Married. We ask Parents of Brides and Grooms, Previously Married and Separated, to limit their “search and seek” process to those Previously Married, and Separated ONLY. Please respect the wishes of our Members.

Over the last two years, I have guided and educated Parents on many difficult and challenging issues facing them in consummating the marriages of children, on topics such as "H1B Visa, a Social Evil in Indian Matrimony? Can One Kind of Visa Holder Living in the U.S. Marry Another?” Various Kinds of Visas held by Indians living in the U.S. and How They Affect Matrimony?, Ten Matches in Horoscope/Janam Kundli Matching and 13 Other Matches in this Modern Day and Age of Children Living Abroad! Can Marriages be Performed within the ones belonging to the same Gothram (or Sagothram)?, and a myriad other topics, all of them were well received by members. You can read many of them under “Articles” and “Friendly Tip”.

Over the last two years, our Initiative has seen scores of marriages being celebrated through our Parental introductions ~ read them under Success Stores here!

Because we have outgrown our ability to serve the Hindu community at large. via internet, which we have been doing for the past 3 years, we are launching and dedicating this website to serve Parents, from all across the globe, even better. We have thus truly become We are small, unique, distinct, very different, very friendly and personal service oriented, yet we do not mean all things to all people. Any questions, concerns or suggestions, or seeking advice, please feel free to call or email.

My name is Sashti Srinivasan, Retired, used to work as Vice President, Sales and Marketing for a large Multinational Corporation in the U.S., having lived in the U.S. for over 35 years (in the Dallas, Texas area primarily), and a U.S. citizen; at 73, I have taken upon myself to dedicate the rest of my years unto serving the cause of parents of Indian origin who have children abroad, to help them connect them in Matrimony! Married to Sugantha for the last 45 years, we have a daughter and son, both of whom are happily married and settled in their lives!

Please familiarize yourselves with our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer, Frequently Asked Questions before Registering your wards. Register, sign-up and join our Initiative in large numbers. Unlike other websites which allow Parents to browse through only when they are Registered and Subscribing, our Initiative allows you walk through all of our Database, to determine “what is in it for me?” Please give me an opportunity to serve you, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, regardless whether you are currently a Member, or not! We are known for our friendly service, personal attention and strategic counseling! Let us bring about a wedding celebration in your family in 2013.

At your Service, I am,
Sashti Srinivasan, Founder
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tel: 1-972 840 349S (U.S. Central Standard Time)
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