Dear User

GlobalMatri will seek to protect the privacy of all of its Members whose generic information is published/ included in our website, to the best of its abilities, by not including any personal information in our domain openly.

GlobalMatri, however, hereby claims and asserts that it has the right, duty and privilege to provide/share/ disseminate information provided to it by Parents in the process of Registration or any information obtained by GlobalMatri through other sources in its Website in a generic way, to advertise, solicit, seek and promote the brides and grooms whose parents are seeking matrimony for their wards, so others interested could seek and connect with one another, the basic concept and philosophy so fundamental to showcasing the brides and grooms, seeking matrimony.

In doing so, however, GlobalMatri shall protect the privacy of the Parents and their wards including, their names, photographs and other personal identities such as their email ids, telephone numbers, addresses, place of residence, etc. including other personal information, such as cell phone numbers of your daughters, their personal email ids, to the best of their abilities, from Public Domain through its Website. Names of brides and grooms, photographs and horoscopes posted openly, and directly by Parents, in the process of Registration, or subsequently, as such, for viewing by all those who are seeking, shall be exception to this Rule. Parents can, however, conceal the photographs of their wards, from public domain, by protecting them with a password, available to them exclusively and sharing them ONLY with those permitted, a feature available to all Members.

In addition, GlobalMatrti claims and asserts that it has the right to disseminate Parental contact information such as names of parents, email ids, telephone numbers (both land line and cellular), their addresses and/or location, as provided by Parents in the process of Registration or those obtained by GlobalMtri through public domain, to Subscribing Members, on a limited basis, who are seeking to connect in Matrimony for their wards, who have a registered their wards with GlobalMatri.

Such sharing of parental contact information as hereinabove referred to shall not be deemed as a cause for violation of Privacy Policy ~ because such contact information is legitimately required by a Subscribing Parent to connect with other Parent, seeking Matrimony, and is incidental sharing of information with Parents, promoting Matrimony through our website.

Over the last 3 years, we have gained the trust and confidence of over thousands of U.S. and Canadian Citizen families, who have placed their vital and confidential information re: their daughters and sons. We do not give out your daughterís information, either her cell phone number or personal email ids to others; all we do is to connect one Parent with another, and let them decide on the alliances introduced, on mutual compatibility, providing their daughterís and sonís information to one another. Thousands of Registered Parents all across North America can truly testify to our Privacy Policy. We do not sell your email ids and contact information to others individuals or businesses.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please call us or email to us: