For whom is the Registration open? Is there a charge for Registration?

Our Registration is free and is open to all Hindus living all over the World, seeking to connect in Matrimony. They are classified into:
• Hindu North Indians ~ all of them living to the North of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh; they include Gujaratis, Punjabis, Maharashtrians, Bengalis, Sindhis, Sikhs, etc.
• South Indian Brahmins ~ which includes all Brahmins from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, Iyengars, Iyers, Madhwas, Smarthas, and anyone identifying themselves as South Indian Brahmins;
• South Indian Other Varna ~ they are mostly from South India, who fall into other sub-sects, they can be a Telugu Reddy or Khamma, or a Chettiar or Saiva Pillais from Tamil Nadu, or Menons and Nairs from Kerala or Gowdas from Karnataka, we embrace them all.
• All those who have been PREVIOUSLY MARRIED, SEPARATED, are identified under that category.

Howe do you categorize/regionalize the brides and grooms living abroad?

We have categorized them based on the countries where the bride and grooms live, NOT where their parents live, such as, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union, Singapore, Middle East and Australia and New Zealand and Brides from India seeking to connect in matrimony with those living abroad.
In the U.S. we have categorized and listed the brides and grooms by the States (or regions) where they reside, such as New York-New Jersey-Connecticut, commonly called as Tri-State Area, or Greater Boston and Northeastern States of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, commonly called as New England States; similarly, we have clubbed, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Delaware into another Region; Northwestern States of Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Utah are clubbed together as Northwestern States; Certain States like Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Missouri, Florida, have been treated as Stand-alone States, while California has been divided into Northern California (Bay Area, as it is commonly called and Southern California comprising of Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties.

Why have you divided United States into so many parts and regions?

United States is a very large country, about 4 times the size of India and under 4 time zones ~ so brides and grooms in Tri-State area are not able to connect easily with brides and grooms in California; or brides and grooms in Florida have not been able to connect with those in Seattle and Portland, Oregon. Moreover, with the job situation being what it is now in the U.S., and also so many of the brides and grooms are on different kinds of visas which do not easily lend to re-location prospects from one region to another, our easy grouping of brides and grooms “concept” in different regions or parts of the U.S. is based on easy connectivity between bride and grooms living in one region or State.

How else the brides and grooms have been categorized in your Initiative?

Recognizing that various visas in which the brides and grooms live in the U.S. are truly impediments in the culmination of a matrimony, such as a Green Card holder cannot marry a bride from India and bring her onto the U.S. right away, or the spouse of a H1B joining him in the U.S., comes under a H4 classification and cannot seek a job or U.S. citizens brides’ and grooms’ preferences mostly to seek out and connect with other U.S. citizens in the U.S., or a boy or girl transitioning from H1B~GC status cannot leave his/her job instantly and relocate in matrimony, we have identified most of the brides and grooms in our Initiative under various visas they are holding, to help facilitate easy exploration of alliances and connectivity.

How does your Membership/Subscription work?

Our Membership/Subscription for the Calendar Year 2013 is US$100.00. This is an early bird offer, if paid by March 31, 2013. After April 1, 2013, Membership dues/Subscription rates can go up!

What do I get in return for my Membership for $100.00?

For your $100.00, Subscribing Members can seek and receive up to a maximum of 50 Parental contact information. If you have sought and used-up your initial 50 Parental contact information, additional parental contact info can be subscribed as you go along (after you have used up the first initial 50 contacts), by sending in additional payment of $100.00, which will let you seek another 50 potential contacts.

Can any one request Parental contact information?

Only those Registered Members who are Subscribing and are dues Paying Members can request Parental contact information.

How can I send in my Subscription?

There are a number of ways, please click Payment Options for instructions on how to make your Subscription Payment?

How many, at a time, and how frequently, can I send in requests for Parental contact information?

We encourage you to send in your request for no more than 3 parental contact information at a time. After you have received the same from us, allow yourself about 7~10 working days to connect with Parents on the other side, for connecting with parents on the other side, sending in the pictures, bio, horoscope, etc. of your ward and for the other side to review your information with their son/ daughter, match horoscopes, should one be required, by one side or the other allowing time to react to your proposal. If things don’t work out satisfactorily, say at the end of 10 days, after you have followed up the alliance with the other side, then move forward send in your request for 3 more parental contact info to GlobalMatri.Org,. This way, you are pursuing your negotiations in somewhat of a focused manner. It has been our experience that some parents request a dozen contacts at a time, losing focus, not keeping tabs on who said, what, etc? Hence our suggestion for you to seek, search and connect in a focused manner!

Do my requests for Parental contact information go directly to the Parents on the other side?

No, all requests for Parental contact information come directly to our Administrator. Each request is verified, approved and the Parental contact info is sent ONLY to the Subscribing Parents. When such contact information is sent to you, our Software Program alerts to the Other Parents of your desire to connect with them in the proposed alliance.

For how long can I leave the Profile of my ward on your web site?

You can leave the profile of your ward on our website for as long as you wish, until he/she is engaged to be married, however, please advise us as soon as an alliance has been settled, so your ward’s profile can be de-listed from our database, limiting others from connecting with you, unnecessarily. HELP US TO SERVE YOU BETTER!

Can those Previously Married, Separated, seek to connect with those Never B4 Married in your

Those Never B4 Married in our Initiative do not wish to be contacted by those who are Previously Married, Separated. We ask those Previously Married, Separated, to not attempt to connect with those Never B4 Married. We ask you to respect such Members’ wishes in our Initiative.

Are all of brides and grooms registered with your Initiative?

Founded in the Fall of 2009, our Initiative was started to helping South Indian Brahmins In the U.S. in a small way. So most parents of South Indian brides and grooms have registered their wards with us, through a Registration process introduced very early on!
In the following year 2010, many Parent of Brides and Grooms began to refer to us alliances that did not work out, for them, for one reason or another and began giving introductions to parents of other brides and grooms; we thus started growing our Lists of South Indian Brahmin Brides and Grooms, to help all Parents in our Initiative. So our Lists do include profiles through other introductions.
With the lack of availability of enough South Indian Brahmin bridegrooms (U.S. Citizens in particular), for a very large pool of South Indian Brahmin brides in the U.S, seeking matrimony, many South Indian Brahmin Parents in the U.S., urged us to expand our data base to include Hindu North Indian community, as well, as they would rather see their children bring home a Hindu groom than from other cultures and religion. So mid-2011, our Initiative began to embrace, in to its fold, the larger North Indian Hindu community, living all across North America. So, unlike most South Indian Parents who are registered with our Initiative, the Hindu North Indian brides and grooms, on the other hand, are just leads obtained through our surfing the Internet, a service we started to fold in, to help assist South Indian Parents connect in matrimony with Hindu North Indians.
Many any of Hindu North Indians, are thus, not registered with our Initiative, although some of them are beginning to see our value and advantage and are embracing our Initiative. Parental contact information in the case of Hindu North Indian brides and grooms seeking, is thus limited ONLY to email ids, in most cases. Nonetheless, Hindu North Indians are truly very active and concerned Parents, seeking matrimony for their wards and hence we have chosen to include them into our Initiative, thereby providing additional introductions to our membership. In many cases, many Parents from our Initiative have also facilitated new introductions of alliances not suitable for them. You too can help us to share with us alliances you received for your wards, but did not pan out for one reason or another ~ introduce them to us thru “Refer a Friend”, because an alliance that did not work out for your ward, might be the ones other Members may wish to connect with through our Initiative.

How do you protect the privacy of your Members?

Please read and familiarize yourself by clicking our Privacy Policy below.

Going forward, have you verified the Statements by Members of your Initiative for their truthfulness and correctness?

No web portal, however, large and reputed, they may be or standing they may have in the industry, can truly attest to the correctness, accuracy or authenticity of any of the statements made by Parents in any web portal. If this were to be true, we would not be seeing so many divorces due to misrepresentations, intentional oversight in omissions or fraud being committed, resulting in such Separations. “Caveat Emptor” in Latin means “Let the Purchaser Beware!”
In all cases, where Registration and/or other information is furnished and/or obtained and included or otherwise made available through our Initiative, we are merely acting as a “pass through agency” without relying or verifying on the correctness of the statements. GlobalMatri does not warrant or guarantee the adequacy or accuracy or correctness of any of the information furnished. All Parents seeking Matrimony through GlobalMtri must independently verify such statements with other Parents of brides and bridegrooms, either directly or through other independent and third party sources or agencies, to satisfy themselves and/or to make sure that the parties to a marriage are indeed truly making fair and accurate statements and representations, before finalizing the marriages. Through many interactions between brides and grooms, they may be your “best source” to finally verify the Statements made by boys and girls.